Bessie Grover

History of Bessie Grover
Written by daughter Mae Grover Robinson

Bessie Grover resided in Skillman most of her life. She had 5 children. Mae Robinson and Frank Grover still living in Skillman, Virginia Nevius of Hopewell, Robert Grover of Trenton and Wilmer Grover, Jr. of Dayton, and many grandchildren. She had 3 sons that served in the Armed Forces, and were fortunate to return safely (after representing the Army and Marine Corps). She was a Christian lady, that dearly loved her church. She was a member of Mount Zion AME Church of Hollow Rd. for about 50 years. She was instrumental in organizing the program called “Cousins Day” that is still being observed.

She loved children, and had been a foster mother to numerous children and raised them as her own; and they all lovingly called her “Mom.” Her door was always open to anyone in need. She was involved in Missionary work, visiting the sick, and helping people, in any way she could.

She was commended for bravery after her home was struck by lightening. She heroicly (sic) groped thru fire and smoke to save two of her great grandchildren.

We the family wish to thank Montgomery Twsp. for their thoughtfulness in dedicating this park in her name and honor. It is a very appropriate memorial on her behalf, for she had a beautiful, loving spirit that touched so many; and this park will give beauty and enjoyment to others, as she did.

Story of My Life
From a handwritten letter of Bessie Grover

Bessie Grover, born in Surrled Mountain Year 1900 one of eight children 5 girls 3 boys I was middle Girl to older 2 younger raised on a little from about 40 or 50 achers we raised Garden Truck Patches all kinds of vegetables fruit apples peaches grapes pears cows horses pigs chickens ducks geese all kind grain we were all very happy did not have so many fancy food to eat made our own bread butter Just that alone killed our pigs home cured hams Then smoked them My Grand Father was a slave He was brought here Brother Aaron Trueheart My Grandfather He’s brother name William Trueheart Given to them from their slave master because they had such a true heart Aaron Trueheart married Catherine Amanda who became Trueheart William Trueheart never married

November 25, 1977
From a handwritten note of Bessie Grover
Camp Meeting Avenue
Skillman, New Jersey

Dear Apostel Companion,
I am a friend who has received a maricle prayer on June the 3. Giving honor to God I was to go to my doctor on June 3 11 o’clock. I was very worried was very bad having bad trouble with cancer of bowels. I had prayed and talked to God the son Holy Gost and my Jesus all the morning was very worried and before I went to the Doctor this maricle prayer came I must read it and when I went to the Doctor he checked me and was very worried he did not look at me. I ask him about discharge still did not look at me. Just said you will have that for a while. But on next morning June 4 Prais the lord in the name of Jesus I was curred have not had any trouble since. I thank God for that maricle prayer in the name of Jesus. I have had to tell it to all about miracle that God the Father has done for me.

Mrs. Bessie Grover
Camp Meeting Ave
Skillman NJ 08538