Burial Services

Burial Services

DSC_0863 The Stoutsburg Cemetery Association understands how difficult it can be when a loved one passes away. Keeping this in mind, we ensure the procedure for burial in our cemetery will be professionally completed and performed. The responsibilities of the Stoutsburg Cemetery Association include the following:

A representative of the Stoutsburg Cemetery will coordinate with the Funeral Director who provides the name of the deceased, the date and time of the funeral service and the time of the burial.  The Stoutsburg representative will make arrangements with a designated contact or an identified family member who will act as the designee. The designee must have the authority to sign appropriate documents on behalf of the family.  The point person should contact: John B. Buck, 79 Columbia Avenue, Hopewell, NJ 08525 or by calling 609-466-9345 (home) or 609-240-7004 (cell)

Further responsibilities of the Stoutsburg Cemetery include:   To arrange (with the designee) the burial plot, the services of the grave digger and time of burial. The Stoutsburg Cemetery Association will supervise and insure the responsibilities of the grave digger as well as assist with headstone coordination and installation.

It is the responsibility of the Funeral Service to call the vault company to install the vault on the day of the funeral.  The burial permits, fees associated with the opening (digging) and closing (backfilling) and cleanup of site are the responsibilities of the designee and are usually handled through the Funeral Service.

It is the policy of the Stoutsburg Cemetery Association that the private resale of plots is not allowed.  You must immediately notify the Stoutsburg Cemetery Association if a family is interested in relinquishing ownership of a previously owned plot.


As of 2010, dues are $100.00/year per family; (payment may be sent $50.00 in fall and $50.00 in spring);

As of 2019, plot prices are $2,000;

The fee for grave opening is $900 Monday through Friday, and $1,000 on weekends;

All future burials will require a waiver to be signed be a designated family member. The waiver will state (along with a signature) that the location of the burial has been chosen and agreed upon by the family;

Sale of plots is not allowed; Stoutsburg Association must be notified immediately if a family is interested in relinquishing ownership of a plot.

Memorial Services

Join us for our annual Memorial Service the Sunday before Memorial.